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Public Goods Love in the Air

Updates from January to Mid-Feburary 2024

Brace yourselves, POTLOCK introduces quadratic funding, Nada.bot launches and the Public Goods podcast is in motion.  January-Mid Feb is so hot, you might ask this newsletter to be your valentine. Let’s jump right in.

🔔 Updates:

  1. Applications have started for the Creatives DAO round $10,000 in matching. Committed round of creatives DAO, application open

  2. New Product Feature; Donor Leaderbaord and Donations history, can now see all donations and donation leaderboard in “Donors” tab of BOS app

  3. Nada.bot live in production with social check out. Verify human check, also testnet and staging apps

  4. Chef Training Manual Out with new tutorials

  5. First Public Goods Podcast out on 3rd jan 2024 - https://x.com/publicgoodsfm/status/1742589504668696758?s=20

  6. Article drop on “Dollar Cost Averaging Donations” - https://blog.potlock.org/dollar-cost-averaging-donations-daily-impact-actions-b4c1c72cdce3

  7. PotLock celebrates 75+ projects onboard 

  8. PotLock got  listed on the registry. @ReFiDAOist - https://www.refidao.com/

  9. Potlock listed in Digital Public Goods Alliance Registry

  10. PotLock on Positive Blockchain Registry - https://x.com/potlock_/status/1745729877649621267?s=20 

  11. Launch of Flipside Potlock Donor Relations and Project Registry dashboard 

  12. Nada bot support group launched, social media, linkedin 

  13. PotLock is proud to be a 💸 bounty sponsor for ⛓️ Chain Abstraction Hacks 

  14. Quadratic funding audits by Guvenyanka released, 

  15. YEAR OF CHEF community based nfts, over 400+ holders and BOS based app

  16. Launch of Potlock Ecosystem aggregator and idea board 

  17. Announcing Funding the Commons SF sponsored by NEAR, Potlock will have presence here

  18. Potlock launches own bos gateway at bos.potlock.org 

  19. Contracts add fungible token support and optional fees (working on front end)

  20. Potlock begins nextJS app

  21. Potlock section on NEAR governance forum potock.org/gov

  22. Audits with ottersec commence will be released here

  23. Potlock Notification Twitter BOt https://twitter.com/potlock_bot 

  24. Build DAO Announcements soon for eth denver BuildHQ with Potlucks 

  25. Potlock Telegram Community 

  26. NFT for Public Goods https://blog.potlock.org/nft-for-public-goods-year-of-chef-fd29e1474fa4 

  27. New Public Goods Podcast- “Crowdfunding Bounties, Network States, & Startup Cities w Noah Chon Lee Founder of Via Prize” see video

  28. Nada.bot requests board, Ethereum, Lens, Holoynm  checks in progress

  29. Hyperfiles to be used for poltock attestations, read forum post here

Feedback we need from community

  • What funding strategy should we launch next? 

  • What vertical do you want to see quadratic funding rounds for? 

  • What type of attestations services do you want? How to measure impact?

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