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March Madness (Public Goods Update)

Covering potlock and public goods ecosystem for last 2 weeks of march

Public Goods March Update

It’s been a wild 2 weeks in the regenerative space. The public goods space keeps getting more gooder. More funding, more ecosystems, more learning, and more media. Plus, Potlock got a fresh look is getting faster (devs are doing something) while the Builder quadratic funding round is in full affect. 

🔔 Potlock Updates:

Public Goods Ecosystem News

Motion from the Solana, Optimism, Nouns, Gitcoin ecosytem.  

Public Goods in Media

Shoutout to everyone making content about public goods. More public goods learnings = more public goods earnings 

So much PG Alpha, we are working on a a curation system to automate public goods news as this is becoming too much (contact plug in the community chat if interested in helping). 

❤️ Made with Love,

Potlock Team, curated by PlugRel

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