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June NEAR Impact Update

🌱 June in Review: NEAR Impact Progress + Updates!

🔔 Updates:

Here are some of the milestones we've crossed this month

  1. Our Telegram group now has 100+ members, up from 15, while our Twitter account boasts 300+ followers, a substantial increase from 10.

  2. Proof of Regen SBT created, DAO bot setup, and Regen Alliance Free membership mint coming soon

  3. This week is our first beach cleanup this Saturday at Eth Barcelona, signup at https://nearimpact.org/barca-cleanup

  4. Regens on a Boat Event this Saturday at Eth Barcelona 

  5. Charter v1 was created and can be accessed at https://nearimpact.org/charter.

  6. A Trello Workspace was set up to manage tasks for core contributors with a partnership flow, social media backlog, and general backlog

  7. @guyntare and @illuminfti synchronized on the next steps for NEAR Impact.

  8. @guyntare, @russlive215, and @codegoon had a meeting to discuss next steps and target European events to engage contributors and company personas.

  9. NF Foundation supported event for Eth Barcelona to increase NEAR Impact voice of share, onboarding NEAR Horizon, Fast Auth, and I-AM-HUMAN

  10. NEARImpact.org was set up as the official website (copy still being improved)

  11. The partner application is now live at nearimpact.org/partner.

  12. A mailing list was established, sign up at nearimpact.org/subscribe.

  13. The NEAR social profile for NEAR Impact was created at nearimpact.near.social.

  14. Sputnik DAO contracts was created at https://nearimpact.org/DAO The council is being configured, and the DAO will be updated as the NEAR social profile.

  15. A Telegram bot was set up for onboarding purposes.

  16. The NEAR Impact community has been launched, where discussions about builders can be found on the DevHub at nearimpact.org/devs.

  17. The NDC constellation summit took place, featuring @russlive215 and other leaders and core members.

  18. GitHub setup at https://nearimpact.org/github

  19. YouTube brand account with first meeting on June 19th.

  20. Collaboration with Sparx Lab at Ignite the Future - ReFI Summit in Paris (July 18th).

  21. Members from NEAR Impact will be attending Funding the Commons where Marieke, CEO of NF, and Max from DevHub will be speaking.

  22. In process of getting added to the NDC docs as official WG

  23. Constellation Funding Bill for V1 is being drafted

  24. Quadratic Funding build is currently being developed and communication with organizations like RetroPGF and Giveth have begun and more to come from Eth barcelona and Funding the Commons

  25. 15 + partnership chats established with 6+ inbound partnership in the funnels

  26. NEAR Impact Squad hype twitter group formed, send your handle on telegram to get added

  27. Starting to look into plans for DevConnect, NEAR APAC, and NEARCon Impact Side Events

NEAR Impact Takeover at Eth Barcelona

This Saturday - Beach Clean Up

Join us this Saturday at Barceloneta Beach for a rewarding and impactful beach cleanup event! We are inviting all environmentally conscious individuals to come together and make a difference in our local community.

Date: Saturday

Time: Noon

During this beach cleanup, we will be working together to collect and properly dispose of litter, debris, and other pollutants that have accumulated on the shoreline. By taking part in this event, you will contribute to the preservation of our beautiful coastline and protect marine life from the harmful effects of pollution.

This Sunday - Regens on a Boat

Experience the most extraordinary mixer of the year with NEAR Impact, as we set sail on a boat headed for Impact on NEAR. Join our crew of innovators and immerse yourself in the inspiring atmosphere of the ocean waves. This event combines ideation, incubation, and innovation with a touch of fun and relaxation. #ProofOfVibes

🐦 Overview with Tweets

  • NEAR Impact builds their components on NEAR HORIZON with their request board. Looking for devs and core contributors! nearimpact.org/requests.

💡 Fun fact:

Did you know that the Great Barrier Reef, located off the coast of Australia, is not only the largest coral reef ecosystem in the world but also visible from outer space? Its vast expanse stretches over 2,300 kilometers (1,400 miles) and is made up of thousands of individual coral reefs, creating a breathtaking and vibrant underwater world.

Stay in touch with us:

Twitter: @NEARImpact

Website: NEARImpact.org

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