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July NEAR Impact Update

🌱 July in Review: NEAR Impact Progress + Updates!

Welcome to the NEAR Impact Newsletter

🌱 July in Review: NEAR Impact Progress + Updates!

Welcome to the red-hot heart of august! πŸ”₯πŸš€ With a plethora of exciting events, electrifying boat trips, and a vibrant buzz of activity behind the scenes, we're gearing up for an unforgettable month. This newsletter is your front-row ticket to a regen summer. Let's dive in

πŸ”” Updates:

Here are some of the updates for NEAR Impact in July 2023.

  1. NEAR Impact is bounty sponsor for #BOSHACKS

  2. 🌱 Regen Alliance Mint plans (alongside contributor guidelines -> mint has been given out to contributors of NEAR ReFI).

  3. πŸŽ™οΈ Spoke at the Madrid Innovation Lab and following up with @russlive215 for an exciting October event with Block&Change. Supporting them getting sponsored for upcoming hackathon with DevHub (support here).

  4. πŸ”„ Syncing up with Creatives DAO and NFT WG. Creatives Public Goods coming soon.

  5. πŸš€ Launched the sleek landing page and BOS landing page for the public goods platform PotLock.

  6. πŸ’‘ Collaborating with @KazanderDad on a promising UBI project. Join the UBI WG if you're interested!

  7. 🏠 Started work on the Impact Bos homepage & NEAR Impact native dashboard https://nearimpact.org/dao-bos.

  8. 🐦 Twitter is now synced with BOS.

  9. 🌊 Kicking off flows and initial specs for potlock.io.

  10. Potlock.io accepted into BuildSpace N&W S4, specs being worked on and initial frames.

  11. πŸ“œ Planning to sync up with legal regarding the trust framework.

  12. πŸ—ΌSuccessful collab with Ignite the Future ReFi Summit in Paris with guest like Gitcoin’s Kevin Owoki.

  13. Working on contributor guidelines.

  14. Proof of Regen bound token now live (baked into mint flow) https://i-am-human.app/community-sbts.

  15. Weekly Sync (Fridays at 2PM UTC) register here NEARimpact.org/weekly-call. First sync happened

  16. video made soon check out slides at nearimpact.org/call-slides.

  17. Need to sync with DHUB on their sbt.

  18. Starting ReFi crash course document NEAReFi.org/crash-course (help wanted).

  19. NEAR Impact attends Funding the Commons in Paris (alongside DevHub), and meets alot of wonderful communities. Technical integrations and onboarding coming soon.

  20. Regen Alliance NFT Gallery Component https://near.org/nearefi.near/widget/Regen.Alliance.Gallery 

  21. Started working on NEAR ReFI Venture Framework

  22. Impact Core Council has been attending GRC Incubator sessions

  23. Vibes as a Public Good. Proof of Vibes v1 gateway / app is out at app.ProofOfVibes.com


πŸ’Ό Help Wanted

  • We are looking for more core contributors especially for venture, community based activations.

  • We need to plan NEAR APAC, NEARCON, and DevConnect activations.

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