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  • Pots Are Cooking: Mid Feb - March Update

Pots Are Cooking: Mid Feb - March Update

Quadratic funding rounds live on NEAR, and PG Ecosystem keeps on shipping

Pots are cooking

Brace yourselves, Potlock’s first quadratic funding round goes live with $10,000+ from the Creatives DAO!. Africa Public Goods Round starts, and NEAR Foundation puts over $100,000 in matching pools for QF that have significantly grown since then. Wholesome activities at EthDenver. We’ve been shipping updates at Potlock and Nada.bot, and the rest of  public goods ecosystem has been shipping even faster! Q2 is looking bullish for the regens. 

🔔 Updates:

  1. Creative Public Goods Round $10,000 (which grew to over $16,000 due to price of NEAR)  matching round has closed with 25 projects,  over $3,000 in donations, 145 donors, and 338 donations,

  2. NEAR Foundation Announces Support for Potlock with $100,000 in the matching pools for Africa, Retroactive Builders, Open Source, and AI verticals

  3. 1 week on-chain cooldown/challenge period is live for people to challenge results. Check out how to challenge. Additionally,a  survey went out to participants which will be aggregated into insights included in a retrospective report published after payouts.

  4. Announcing Retroactive Builders Round ($40,000 matching pool)  by Build DAO, applications are open with 10+ projects, close in 8 days

  5. Applications closed Africa Public Goods and matched donations started this Monday March 4th for 2 weeks. 14 projects.

  6. Co-Founder  @NEARProtocol, Illia tops Donor leaderboard by Donating $1,000 to a Project on registry, later being surpassed by NEAR Big Brain when he donated $4,000 with of NEAR across projects like  shardDog,  shardDog, NEAR Intern, Boneyard Gaming, Proof of Vibes,  and year of chef

    1. YEAR OF CHEF redistributes 10N to 10 Projects

  7. Potlock Launches a New Facebook page 

  8. Potlock feature in the  99th newsletter + 100th edition of Web3ForGood

  9. Introduction of Random Donations Feature + Blog

  10. @0xmarkeljan built Potlock bot (A bot for PotLock that posts about donations or registrations, tagging linked Twitter handles.)

  11. PotLock celebrates 130+ projects on boarded including profiles for OG projects on NEAR like Keypom, Multicall, Learn NEAR Watch Bot, NEARChan, Fast NEAR.

  12. Nada.bot live in production with social check out. More checks roll out for Users to verify humanness.bo

    1. Lens Profile verification

    2. Twitter Verification

    3. Connected to 5 Contracts

    4. Farcaster Profile verification

    5. Complete NEAR Social Profile

    6. Holonym ZK ID (Unique Government ID)

    7. Holonym ZK ID (Unique Phone)

    8. I-AM-Human 

    9. Six month Near account Check

  13. YEAR Of Chef Launches Royalty Payouts Dashboard for Public Goods as part of BOS App

  14. YEAR of Chef adds quadratic funding support to free Mint

  15. EthDenver Potlock Potluck powered by Proof of Vibes at Build DAO HQ is a smash

  16. Ottersec Audits are released 

  17. New Public Goods Podcast with Nanhak from Holoynm, video and new shorts (new content to come)

  18. Nada bot introduces first ZK proofs with Holonym government ID integration

  19. Hyperboard inspired dynamic sponsorship board for quadratic funding rounds is live (article soon)

  20. Donor profiles launched. Example

  21. Internal Updates: Revisions being made to nada bot to add custom rules, google auth + telegram auth nadabot stamp support, Starting to build indexer being worked on, and fungible token support on front end. Potlock SDK and refactor for compatibility on BOS from Elliot from build DAO. Potlock Campaigns Currently in Design process and whole app redesign , Start of new Alem framework to speed up Potlock on BOS

  22. Bidding on the masters for the (un)official NEAR soundtrack to EthereumDenver. 100% goes to public goods on NEAR via Potlock

  23. Potlock on Founder Friday by Near Horizon, Wax Near space, MAX Impact episode 429, Guest Cameo Alpha Drop at NEAR at Night EthDenver Recap Twitter Space

  24. Chef’s Corner Twitter Space: Meet The Creative Public Goods Founders & QF - 

  25. Chef Corner for Africa Public Goods

  26. Potlock Tutorial Videos Playlist with updated documentation

Stats Updates

  • Nadabot: 599 Checks Completed and 204 Humans Verified

  • YEAR of CHEF: 462 Holders, 1.92 holders

  • 142 Approved Public Goods on Potlock

  • Potlock: Direct Donations Only: 1816 Total Donations,$23,458, 778 Unique Donors

Working on indexer to get better amounts based on price at donation and also quadratic funding amounts

Public Goods Ecosystem Update

What a time to be a regen ❤️ by Potlock Family

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