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April Fooled All The Degens

April fools, we delivered our updates really late. But is it ever too late to be a regen?

Happy Belated April Fools, 

If you are wondering what we did for our April Fools joke, we didn’t need to do anything, except deliver this a little too late, But if you are a self identified degenerate, you are pranking yourself on a daily basis. Be on the other side of the joke, starting with this regenerative update.

Apirl Fooledd all the degens

🔔 Potlock Updates:

Public Goods Ecosystem

So much has happened in the past two weeks, the more and more we get deeper into the bull, the more ecosystems are putting towards funding (not we are 10 days late in news). Check out Public Goods Friday ep. 2 by OG Russ covering this past two weeks' major highlights. https://twitter.com/RussLive215/status/1779151484728328322 

Bad News


Development Updates



  • New Greenpill Chapter Onboardings, join the discord 

  • PGN coming back? Max Impact space, Luciano spills some alpha 



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